What We Stand For: Dermatologist-Developed

So we know that brands say a lot of things. They may be the "best" at something, or may be the "only" one to offer a product or service. We hope that we hold a special place in your heart too (or at least your bathroom cabinet), but allow us to explain what we mean by the things we say.

On this post we'll talk about what we mean by "Dermatologist-Developed" 


Co-Founded by Dr. Mitchell J. Mandel, M.D., F.A.A.D., simply put, we are built by one of New York's premiere medical and cosmetic dermatologists.

Skincare is a crowded landscape with everything from organics, to prescription, and everything in between.

When we set out to create Mandel Skincare, there was no question that our products needed to be developed by skincare experts to ensure that our formulas were potent and effective, but also rooted in science. Ingredients matter and science is, well, science.

We believe there is no better expert than an experienced dermatologist to not only develop formulas, but also draw on their decades of experience treating patients to understand what does and does not work, and use this insight to create skincare for all skin types.

What does Dermatologist-Developed mean to you? Share with us in the comments below.

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