Skincare Travel Essentials

Skincare travel essentials from Mandel Skincare

So you're about to head off on a road trip, a flight to a new place, a cruise, wherever your travels may take you, your skincare needs to come along for the ride too. So how do you decide what comes along and what stays behind?

Can I Fly With My Skincare?

If you're flying anywhere, you know that get stopped at security because your liquids, gels, or creams are too large is never fun. With Mandel Skincare, you can rest assured that most of our products come in travel friendly sizes.

Below are a list of current product at the time of posting this article that are TSA travel-safe:

So What Should I Bring?

The question "what skincare should I bring" is one that will require a little reflection on your skin and how it behaves. 

It's likely that you won't have room for every single step in your regimen, but that's okay. 

Ask yourself...

  1. Is my skin typically dry or oily?
  2. Will I be in the sun? This one is a trick questions, you're always going to be exposed to the sun at some point during your trip (unless you're going camping in an underground cave)
  3. Do I need to keep up with any treatments (e.g. for acne)?

Limit What You Bring, Give Your Skin a Break

Try to limit your travel kit to 3 products at the most. Trust us, traveling light is well worth it!

Giving your skin a break from its normal skincare routine can have many benefits. Why not use your vacation or travel time to break up the routine?

Don't Forget the Essentials

For use, a typical travel pack of skincare includes:

  1. Sunscreen - An absolute must. If you'll be on the beach, Face & Body Sunscreen Lotion is the way to go. If you'll be covered and just need protection on the face, try the Weightless Barrier Moisturizer, which also checks the moisturizer box!
  2. Spot Treatment - Just in case. You never know when that pimple or other blemish will pop up. Go with the Blemish Vanishing Spot Treatment, and don't forget the q-tips!
  3. Evening Cream - If you're going for simple hydration, try the Hyaluronic Silk Moisturizer, or if you want to keep up with your daily Retinol, take along the Retinol Renewal Cream.

Just like that, you're travels are covered!

What's in your travel essentials kit? Let us know in the comments below.




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