What is Retinol?

Retinol Renewal Cream from Mandel Skincare

Simply put, Retinol is powerhouse ingredient that can provide a number of benefits for our skin.

Scientifically, Retinol is Vitamin A. Like most vitamins, Vitamin A is good for us.

Of the top benefits to using Retinol is its ability to reverse signs of aging. Sound to good to be true? It's not! 

Top 3 Benefits of Retinol

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats deep into the pores clearing acne and preventing outbreaks
  • Evens the skin tone and texture

Retinol Products

On the market, you might find serums, moisturizers, or creams. You'll also notice that Retinol comes in different strengths.

Our Retinol Renewal Cream is not only 0.1% in strength, which is great for all skin types, but also contains Hyaluronic Acid cream, which is the gold standard for moisturizing.

How to Use Retinol

Of the main considerations with using Retinol are:

  • Only use it at night, and use sunscreen during the day: Retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, so nighttime use and sunscreen during the day are a must. Trust us when we say, it's worth the benefits.
  • For sensitive skin, start every other night, and slowly increase: Similar to building a tolerance to alcohol, Retinol can irritate the skin if too strong of a potency is used and too frequently. 0.1% is mid-strength, so most skin types won't have an issue starting with Retinol every other night.
  • Retinol can be drying: Retinol does dry the skin initially, so always use a Retinol moisturizer like the Retinol Renewal Cream, or pair it up with a moisturizer to use after, such as the Hyaluronic Silk Moisturizer.
  • Retinol can cause breakouts at first: When you use Retinol, it will cause "issues" under the surface of the skin to come to the surface before ultimately resolving. You may experience a period of breakouts or worsening of acne before it clears and improves.

Should I Use Retinol?

You are probably wondering, should you use Retinol? We say yes! Retinol is one of the best products you can use for your skin, young or old, to help prevent signs of aging, turn back the clock, and look great year round.

Check out our Retinol Renewal Cream in our shop, and comment below letting us know what products you love!

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